Showalter talks about Guerrero’s injury

Here are Buck Showalter’s pregame comments today about Vladimir Guerrero, who has a small crack in a bone in his right hand and will not start for the second game in a row tonight against Cleveland.

“He thought he might be able to play today, but went in the cage and that did not go well,” Showalter said. “Comes a decision now on how long we can or will wait (before making a possible disabled list decision).

“The second X-ray we took yesterday showed a small crack there. Depending on the severity of it and pain, guys have played with it. There is not the possibility of hurting it anymore, just a matter of when the discomfort goes away, if it does.”

Guerrero is batting .279 with 12 doubles, seven homers and 31 RBIs. Guerrero, who has just five extra-base hits over his past 40 games, has batted in the cleanup spot in 76 games.

“We will wait to see if it goes away where he can play. I know you hear, crack in the bone, like me you think it’s something, but sometimes you can play through it,” Showalter said. “We’ll see, just trying to sort it through right now. See what the next day or two brings.

“Vladdy did say he’s not real sure about tomorrow either. He’s a guy who plays through some things, so if he’s feeling that type of discomfort, there’s something going on there.”

Guerrero was hit by a pitch Sunday and left the game in Boston. He was hit on the back of the hand near the wrist area. Showalter said the injury has not gotten worse since Sunday.

“No, my understanding is the one they took in Boston was your basic X-ray, to make sure there wasn’t something obvious,” Showalter said. “The stuff we had here is a little more advanced X-ray technology. The next step up, but they don’t think it would show anything different, is a CT scan.

“Just another by product of some of the things that went on in Boston.”

Matt Wieters is batting in the cleanup spot again tonight. Showalter was asked who will bat fourth for however long Guerrero is out and if he’d like to keep one guy batting in that spot.

“You’d love to see somebody take it and run with it. We have some options, some track record and some not. We’ll see. We have some people that have hit there before, not many. I hope it’s not a moving piece, but it could be,” he said.

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