Was Buck’s answer not a ringing endorsement for the O’s farm?

So during his pregame session with the media today, I had the chance to ask Orioles manager Buck Showalter if there were any players the team would consider taking a closer look at during the rest of the season.

Either someone currently on the roster or someone perhaps now in the minors.

Showalter answered my question with a question back to me.

“Who would you be talking about in the minors, maybe?”

I mentioned that Troy Patton had been doing pretty well lately.

“Troy statistically has done pretty well down there,” Showalter said. “I talked to (director of player development) John Stockstill today. I talk to Muggsy (Norfolk manager Gary Allenson) and those guys and get a pretty good feel for what’s going on.

“You get a feel for what the stats are showing and for what they may not show. Think you really get in trouble with a pure statistical evaluation. There are people pitching with high walk totals that have good command and some guys that don’t necessarily have good command with low walk totals.

“(Mark) Hendrickson was telling me, I asked when he came here, he had kind of a tough start early on. He was used to going strike one with a well-located fastball but he said ‘Buck, they were swinging at everything that came out of my hand.’

“I’m not there, but there are a lot of things that play into it. If that becomes something that we need to do, we’ll do that. But it’s got to be the right person that needs that and we need to see it from.”

Maybe I am reading too much into that answer, but I took it to mean there isn’t much on the farm the Orioles seem to want to take a look at right now on the major league level. Does the July 31 trade deadline possibly impact that?

“That would be a good question for Andy (MacPhail). He rightfully so is close to the vest with that stuff,” Showalter said.

Someone mentioned that Oliver Drake had a good outing last night at Double-A Bowie. He pitched a complete-game, seven-hitter with 10 strikeouts.

“The first thing that caught me about Oliver is Naval Academy,” Showalter said. “Trying to figure out how he’s not somewhere on a boat, but I’m glad he’s in Bowie. Had a good night last night with 113 pitches.

“I was talking to John about him today. What’s not there and what is there. Presents a lot of good things. Keep giving him the ball and we’ll see what happens. I got to see him in (Single-A) Frederick. Pitched well there too. Also reminds me of some of the level of hitters they are facing there at that level too.”

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