Will it be Round Two in Boston?

Well, this game tonight has garnered a little more interest than it would have before Kevin Gregg and David Ortiz went at it last night.

Nothing against Alfredo Simon, but Buck Showalter probably wishes say, Jeremy Guthrie was on the mound tonight. Simon probably doesn’t need any extra pressure but now he has some as he takes the mound tonight.

His command isn’t the greatest to start with and if he buzzes a Red Sox hitter tonight we may have to wonder if it were on purpose or he just missed his spot.

I would guess Showalter and some of the other players have had a talk or two with Simon about how to handle this outing.

By the way, here is a stat I posted on Twitter earlier today. The Red Sox pitchers have hit 48 batters this year to lead all of the majors. The Orioles staff has hit 18 to rank last in baseball.

One of the Red Sox writers posted a comment last night about how funny it was to see Gregg, a player he called a journeyman pitcher, lecture Ortiz. I wonder if he realized that “journeyman” had 37 saves last year to rank fourth in the American League, tied with Boston’s Jonathan Papelbon.

The Orioles drew praise from most of their fans for taking up for Gregg last night and their postgame comments. They would likely make those fans feel good again if they just win tonight.

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