Adam Jones: “I am going to play”

Adam Jones is expected to have an MRI tomorrow on his sore right thumb, even if he hadn’t heard that when reporters were allowed in the Orioles clubhouse after the game.

When asked about the MRI, Jones asked reporters who had said that. He was told it was manager Buck Showalter and Jones said he hadn’t talked to Showalter at that point.

Jones said he feels certain he will return to the lineup and not be shutdown for the remaining games.
He said there was some improvement today.

“A lot better than it did (feel), but just not well enough to play,” Jones said. “I’m not going to go out there and try to hurt myself. I want to be out there for all my teammates, but at the same time, I think, trying not to hurt myself is more important that finishing out the season. I’m going to play but I need to make sure it’s not excruciating when I play.”

He insisted he won’t be shut down for the year.

“Hell no. There’s 12 games, there is a lot to do in 12 games. We have seven games with the Red Sox. How things are shaping up now, I and the team, we can be a very significant part in how everything finishes out for this season. I want to be right in the middle of it,” Jones said.

“I hit four rounds of BP today. It felt good the first two and then a little sore and then more sore. I think it’s a bright spot from a couple of days ago when I could barely tie my shoes. So I think now, it felt solid today. If it feels better tomorrow, I’m playing.”

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