Showalter with an update on Reynolds and other postgame comments

After tonight’s win over the Angels, manager Buck Showalter provided an update on Mark Reynolds who was hit in the batting helmet in the third inning and left the game in the fifth.

“They took Mark down to University for a CT scan. Just precautionary and we’ll see how he is tomorrow,” Showalter said.

“Doctor looked at him up the runway, just thought from a precautionary standpoint to evaluate him for about an hour. He wasn’t having any symptoms, everything was fine. But just wanted to be on the safe side, when you are talking about that, look at the replay and see if it’s glancing, whatever. But just not going to take any chances with it.

“Sometimes caution is the better part of valor. I don’t think he was real happy coming out of the game. But you lean on the doctors at that point and anytime you are dealing with the head you certainly are going to be cautious.”

Buck Showalter meets with the media to discuss the O’s win against the Angels

He said Orioles trainer Richie Bancells was keeping close tabs on Reynolds, who had hit a three-run homer in the first inning.

“Richie was checking on him after the inning. We got the doc involved to take a look at him. Just thought, because of the time frame, that you’d like to see how he feels. It wasn’t going to be an hour between innings, so it’s not worth any risk there. We’ll see where we are tomorrow,” Showalter said.

Showalter was asked if he thought either of the two batters that Los Angeles pitcher Ervin Santana hit tonight were intentional.

“I was with Mark. I didn’t even know they’d issued a warning until the following inning,” he said. “That’s why I went out and asked Alfonso. Certainly understandable what it looks like.

“But I don’t think anyone can sit here and know that for sure. But I understand what it looks like. Especially with the circumstances. You know, Santana has got pretty good command.”

The skipper also talked about Zach Britton’s strong outing and the fact that the team has been able to get him pitching in September games.

“I believe he’s got 15 innings to get to the target mark with him that we hope to get. We’d hope to get him pitching with the ball in his hand in September, so, so far so good. I think he and Jake (Arrieta) both have 10 wins now. Hopefully it bodes well for the future,” Showalter said.

“We had, I think, five of our own guys out on the field tonight and they presented themselves well.

“I was proud of Zach tonight. He had a good crisp fastball and command. He had late life and I thought he had good command. He had a little tweak in his delivery that seemed to psynch him up a little bit. That was a little different look tonight for him, something he hadn’t been doing. It seemed to be good this time.”

Showalter was asked again about the Orioles in the spoiler role against the Rays and Angels.

“From a professional respect, I don’t know, you don’t get to this level as pro athletes without having some, I don’t know what you call it, ego where that is concerned. You want to present yourself well, regardless of who you are playing,” he said.

“It’s more about presenting the Orioles well than it is, trying to beat a team still in it. Down deep, we are all jealous where they are, playing meaningful games in September.

“We are not trying to make someone’s life miserable, it is just that we are trying to make ours more palatable.”

Finally, Showalter gave an update on Adam Jones after he underwent an MRI today on his sore right thumb.

“I think the MRI was just more definitive about what is going on there, but nothing that was conclusive and something different than the X-ray. He will still be day-to- day. We’ve at least gotten some, any doubt that might have been there, there was really none by our medical people. Just wanted to cover all the bases and make sure it wasn’t something an MRI might pick up,” he said.

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