Wait ... this is still East Coast baseball, right?

If an East Coast baseball game starts at 11 p.m. will anyone still be up to watch it? Or blog about it?

Is this really in the best interests of the fans?

You know the answer to that, so don’t even worry about answering that one.

Hey, got to protect the integrity of the pennant face, even if it comes at the expense of everyone’s sanity.

Since it seems they are going to try and play this game, here are some stats to ponder.

Orioles’ starting pitchers have given up 14 earned runs in 11 1/3 over the last three games. Their ERA over the last six games is 9.69.

O’s starters have allowed five runs or more a major-league leading 48 times this year and have recorded a major league low 54 quality starts.

Last year, when O’s starters pitched to an ERA of 3.16 in the 57 games managed by Buck Showalter, they recorded 36 quality starts in less than two months.

Now, on with the game!

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