A thought on the future of the Orioles’ front office

As we all await the next few days to see how much gets resolved in the Orioles’ front office, I will weigh in today with a few thoughts.

I have no doubt that Buck Showalter could do a good job in the role of general manager. But I also realize he has never served in that role.

I think the best move here is for Showalter to remain as manager and have the team add someone in the GM’s role that he has total trust and confidence in. Then, those two men need to go out and fix the Orioles.

They need to determine where the club has failed in the minors in the inability to produce elite talent like their division rivals have all done. Has there been shortcomings in drafting players, in developing them after they are drafted or both.

If new people that are better need to come in, bring them in.

If some long-time employees are deemed not effective enough anymore, they need to go.

It’s not going to be an easy job and whoever joins Showalter better be ready to roll up his sleeves and work. There are still plenty of good people here throughout the front office and minors. Plenty of them. Identify that group and let’s move on.

This new regime is going to find out what Andy MacPhail did. This job is incredibly big and daunting and what Tampa Bay has done is remarkable and maybe can’t be duplicated. But they have to try.

I think Showalter should stay in the dugout for at least one more year. He could become a manager with large influence in his organization, like Tony LaRussa in St. Louis and Mike Scioscia with the Angels. Those clubs have been plenty good the last few years.

Showalter and MacPhail both have said numerous times the best thing an organization can do is evaluate itself. It’s time for the Orioles to do that better than they ever have and make hard decisions. Players, coaches, front office staff, they all need to be accountable. If changes are needed, make them.

Either you are part of the problem or the solution.

Despite his growing number of critics, MacPhail did plenty of good things for the organization. I will be happy to share more thoughts on that when his status is resolved.

Showalter as GM? Showalter as manager? Either could work well for me. I just think one more season, at least, in the dugout, is the best play right now.

I don’t know if the Orioles can do what Tampa Bay has done, in fact I have my doubts. But you never stop trying and you never give up the hope you can win.

It’s time to get better, whether it takes two months or two years.

It’s time.

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