It will take more than one man to fix the Orioles

I think there is one point that all of us need to keep in mind when it comes to the Orioles and the search for the next general manager: One man cannot, by himself, fix the Orioles.

Just as one player can’t turn around a team and it takes many players and teamwork and chemistry, the same is true of the front office.

The top executive makes the biggest decisions and provides his vision for the organization. But usually he doesn’t make those decisions without the help, input and knowledge of his top lieutenants. Often, those lieutenants gain information from those under them and so forth and so forth.

I would guess the person that takes this job will want to bring some people with him to hold key positions in providing that input. His cabinet of sorts. No reason to expect anything else.

Some turnover in the front office is probably necessary and some new blood and new ideas may be needed. I would welcome that and I’m sure many fans would also.

But try not to scream at me when I repeat again that all is not bad in this organization. Some people that may be a big part of producing a winner in Baltimore may be and likely are already here.

This thought seems to drive some fans crazy. They just can’t put their arms around the concept. It is probably why some of you went off the deep end big time over John Stockstill getting an interview for the vacant GM position.

The overreaction to that and to my Friday blog surprised even me - a hardened, long-time observer of the local fans through years at the mic hosting Orioles call-in shows and years writing this blog.

Believe me, I have seen and heard just about every opinion in every form many times over.

I think some see just black and white here, while I see shades of gray. Not easy to do since I am color blind. The passion of the fans is impressive and I do respect all opinions, even those I consider totally misguided. I also realize I don’t have all the answers either.

But there will not be a man (or woman) riding in on a white horse to the warehouse this week who will have some amazing thoughts that will change everything for the better.

Many good men have tried and not been successful over many years at the task. I’d like to think the Orioles can do what Tampa Bay has done, but I am not sure they can. Tampa Bay is the real “Moneyball” franchise to me and what the Rays have done in this division with a small budget and fan base is amazing. Someone should make a movie about their franchise.

Maybe if we all realize we want the same thing in the end - a winning Orioles team to root for and cover as reporters - we can get along better, although I’m not sure about that.

But I do feel pretty sure that fixing the Orioles will take several good people and certainly not just one. I hope the club makes a decision soon about the person who will be at the top of the food chain.

If the Orioles make the right decision, and who knows for sure what that really and truly is, maybe the process of getting the right group of people to dig this team out of a big hole will finally be underway.

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