After helping Red Sox land Dominican talent, Ferreira now looks to do that for the O’s

DALLAS - Before he got back into the game officially as the Orioles new executive director of international recruiting, Fred Ferreira spent time working with a young Dominican player that the Red Sox signed for big bucks last summer.

I would guess Ferreira’s day of working with a player that signs with the Sox are over.

But last summer Boston signed outfielder Manuel Marcos to an 800,000 dollar signing bonus and was trained by Ferreira. I don’t mean trained like training to compete in a race but rather “trainer” in the sense that he helped Marcos get his deal with Boston.

Someone that serves as a “trainer” for a young player in the Dominican Republic can help the player in a variety of ways and Ferreira clearly was a big help to Marcos and I would guess that was a benefit to him as well.

Marcos was considered by Baseball America to be one of the highest profile young Dominicans available to sign last summer with plus-plus speed and a very strong arm.

What does this mean for the Orioles? It’s another sign to me that Ferreira is still well connected in the Dominican and that should pay off for the club as he moves into his new role.

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