Duquette confirms John Stockstill will remain as head of player development

In a phone interview today to discuss the Orioles’ minor leagues and player development, Orioles executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette confirmed that John Stockstill will continue in his current role as director of player development for the team.

“Yes, he’s in that role. Yes,” Duquette said.

When asked if that means Stockstill is staying in that role moving forward, Duquette said, “He’s in that role.”

Duquette said he does not plan to have someone in his front office in the position of head of player development and scouting, but rather will have Gary Rajsich heading amateur scouting and Stockstill heading up player development.

Duquette knows there can be friction between the two departments in any organization.

“There is a natural tension there between scouting and player development, but you know what? They both need each other to succeed. I know from experience we can have a productive training and recruiting program,” Duquette said.

“In the past, I have structured it so there was a head of scouting and a head of player development. I think that both those jobs are so important to the organization that they need the energy and leadership of one person (for each).”

Duquette has been sizing up the current state of the Orioles’ minor leagues.

“I look at the overall numbers and total number of players that the club has drafted and signed that went on to be on major league rosters and currently our Oriole farm system is 27th out of 30th,” he said.

Does that mean there could be some major turnover and changes in the minor league staff for 2012?

“Well, there is going to be some turnover, but I can tell you that we are also going to redirect some of our resources,” Duquette said. “We are going to be adding some video resources. We are going to be doing additional training in the area of sports psychology and leadership. I think those two areas are key.

“I am sure there will be some staff turnover, but I don’t know that the staff turnover is a big issue. I do know there are good people out there that I can bring in to lead and support this operation. I also know we have some people here that are capable and enthusiastic about making the Orioles a first division team again.”

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