O’s should tread lightly when thinking about dealing young pitchers

If it’s true that the White Sox seek young pitching for a player like Baltimore native, pitcher Gavin Floyd, the Orioles may not be the team for them to match up with.

You would have to wonder why the Orioles would trade, say, a Brian Matusz for Floyd. There is a lot more at work here than if you think Floyd is simply better than Matusz and you would make that trade.

Please realize it’s total speculation and no one is saying or reporting that Matusz for Floyd is being discussed, but the Sox are said to be seeking young pitchers.

Next year, according to Cot’s baseball contracts website, Matusz will make $650,000 and Floyd will earn $7 million. Floyd’s contract includes a team option for $9.5 million in 2013. Would the Orioles consider taking on $16.5 million over the next two years in exchange for a player making so much less than that?

Maybe someone would consider moving Matusz in a deal like that if they were convinced he will not rebound from his struggles of 2011. But I believe that Orioles officials believe Matusz can rebound and possibly pitch better over the next few years than Floyd will.

I would have to vote no to a deal like that. The Orioles would be trading a player three years younger for one that may not prove to be as good as Matusz in the future. Plus the dollar disparity has to be considered as well.

You have to wonder just who Dan Duquette has to trade in his quest to acquire pitching. If he doesn’t want to part with core players like Adam Jones and Matt Wieters or young pitchers, what can the Orioles offer to bring real quality in return?

It also appears that the Orioles would be very, very reluctant to even discuss three of their top minor leaguers in Manny Machado, Jonathan Schoop and Dylan Bundy. It appears that any club that has mentioned that trio this week in Dallas has been rebuffed.

One other note. One source said it’s likely to be around a 50-50 proposition as to whether the Orioles make a selection with the fourth pick in tomorrow’s Rule 5 draft.

Also, after that draft, we should find out which minor leaguer is the player to be named later in the deal where the Orioles acquired catcher Taylor Teagarden from Texas. Reportedly the Rangers have a list of four players they will select from but good luck trying to pry those four names from anyone connected to the Orioles.

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