Mark Reynolds has a few words about playing first base today

Upon seeing Mark Reynolds’ name in the Orioles lineup today starting as the first baseman, reporters went up to Reynolds a few minutes ago in the clubhouse to ask him about playing there today.

“I told Buck a couple of weeks ago, whatever I can do to help the team. CD (Chris Davis) needs a day, he’s DHing. So he’s throwing me over there,” Reynolds said.

Has Reynolds been taking a lot of ground balls at first during pregame work?

“Not particularly. On days I DH, I go catch up over there with the guys and get my work when guys are done,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds made 43 starts as a first baseman last season but this will be his first start there this year. Will last year’s experience help him this afternoon?

“Of course. Definitely,” he said.

But when asked in what ways he may now be more comfortable playing at first, after going over there last year, Reynolds didn’t have too much to say.

“Nothing special. I got nothing for you guys, sorry. I don’t know, ask Buck. I don’t know why he put me there. Go talk to him,” he said.

Is he surprised to be starting there today?

“No, I told him whatever. I’m down (with it). Go talk to him fellas, you’ll get nothing from me,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds was asked also about what it’s been like serving for seven starts as the DH this year?

“It has its positives and negatives. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. But then again, I told Buck whatever he needs me to do I’ll do,” he said.

Reynolds, who has started 10 games this year at third base, is batting .158 with no homers and three RBIs in 17 games. He has struck out in 27 of 57 at-bats thus far. He has never gone through the entire month of April without a homer.

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