How do O’s handle adversity? They keep winning

If you want to go through the Orioles’ 2012 schedule, you could probably say they have faced adversity twice already. They got swept at home by the Yankees in the second series of the year and they lost three of four to Texas this week, giving up 36 runs in the process.

They responded to the first test by winning four of their next five games and taking off to a run that now has them at 22-12 and atop the American League East. They have responded to the Texas series with back-to-back wins over Tampa in a first-place showdown this weekend at Camden Yards.

The Orioles only hit just one homer last night and got an old fashioned two-run single from Adam Jones and RBI double from Steve Tolleson in the win. At a time when the team seems to have a new injury and a new player every day - even more of that adversity - they just keep winning.

Need to bring up Stu Pomeranz, Steve Tolleson, Bill Hall, Luis Exposito and Dana Eveland? They’ll help you keep winning.

Since last Sept. 7, the Orioles are 22-10 against the AL East:

O’s are 8-2 against Boston
O’s are 4-1 against Tampa
O’s are 6-3 against Toronto
O’s are 4-4 against New York

The Orioles are 12-5 this season within the division. Now, they are not only holding their own and being competitive against the East, they are beating the East.

It has all happened very fast. So fast that now some complaints about the club include that they play shaky defense, they rely too much on homers and I even had a fan on my radio show Friday night say they don’t blow out enough teams.

It has come to that, complaining about winning. A refreshing change.

The daily questions about the team always seem to include: Can they sustain this? Let me tell you who has the answer to that question: No one.

No one knows how some of these players will be playing a month or two months from now or how the team will overcome the recent rash of injuries. Can some of the players off to fast starts keep it going? Will some of the injured return none the worse for wear? Will Zach Britton and Brian Roberts join the fun?

Who knows? But don’t worry, be happy. Just like the song said.

It bears repeating that maybe the fans should just enjoy what they are seeing which has been some amazing character and heart shown by the 2012 Orioles.

The questions keep coming, but the Orioles keep providing solid answers so far.

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