Negative early reaction to Tejada news

The news tonight that the Orioles will bring Miguel Tejada to Sarasota, apparently to give him a tryout of sorts, was quickly met by some angst from fans.

I am getting it from all sides on Twitter. I might have to take a week off and get a beer. Or several.

First of all, I haven’t talked with anyone from the team to find out what they are thinking with this move. If they just plan to take a look at Tejada to see if he has anything left, I don’t see anything wrong with that. What does it hurt?

The club does have an issue at third base and they have signed Bill Hall and now, perhaps, Tejada soon. They are at least trying to get potential upgrades there. That is, if they see Tejada as even a possibility to play there, again, I haven’t seen any reaction yet from the club about this.

It is probably all much ado about nothing, but some fans are worked up over it. I’ve got some of the Camden Chatters tonight coming at me faster than a Dylan Bundy heater.

That is all right - I can take it. I’m totally kidding by the way, I enjoy the give and take with the fans and don’t even mind when Camden Chat takes a shot at me, which has happened a time or two. Again, all in good fun.

Anyway, what say you about this news? Is it much ado about nothing or should Camden Chat organize a warehouse protest? What do you think?

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