The Orioles’ pitching gets a weekend test at Fenway

The strong pitching start by the Orioles will get another test this weekend at Fenway Park. The Red Sox are first in the American League in doubles; second in runs, batting average and slugging; fourth in on-base percentage; and sixth in homers.

Boston has scored 71 runs over its past 11 games. The Red Sox are averaging 5.5 runs per game. That is a pace for 891 runs and Boston led the league last year scoring 875 in 2011.

But the Orioles began today atop the AL in team ERA at 2.83 and leading by a good margin with Texas second at 3.25. The Orioles are now second in the AL in rotation ERA at 3.35 to the Angels’ 3.32.

Over the last 10 games, O’s starters have produced nine quality starts, an ERA of 1.65 and for the team that has led to eight wins in the last ten games.

How the O’s pitchers have fared against each opponent this year:
* 1.00 ERA, going 3-0 with a .163 average against vs. Minnesota.
* 2.67 ERA, going 2-1 with a .204 average against vs. Oakland.
* 2.72 ERA going 5-1 with a .235 average against vs. Toronto.
* 2.84 ERA, going 2-4 with a .237 average against vs. New York.
* 3.75 ERA, going 3-1 with a .252 average against vs. Chicago.
* 3.81 ERA, going 1-2 with a .264 average against vs. Los Angeles.

The Orioles are 8-4 with an ERA of 2.17 in home games and 8-5 with an ERA of 3.47 on the road.

By the way, it’s the Nationals and Orioles leading Major League Baseball and their respective leagues in team ERA beginning play today. The Nationals’ team ERA is 2.41 with the Orioles second in the majors at 2.83.

The Orioles batters among the AL leaders:
*Robert Andino is sixth in batting average at .342.
*Matt Wieters is tied for fourth with seven homers and sixth in slugging at .618.
*Chris Davis is 10th in slugging at .595.
*Adam Jones is tied for fourth with 19 runs, tied for fifth with 57 total bases, tied for seventh with 31 hits and tied for seventh with 13 extra-base hits.

AL leaders, at-bats per homer:
9.6 - Josh Hamilton, Texas
10.6 - Curtis Granderson, New York
10.7 - Mike Napoli, Texas
10.9 - Matt Wieters, Orioles

Boston is 11-13 on the year, including a mark of 4-7 at home. The Red Sox began the year at 1-5 and were 4-10. They won six in a row to get to 10-10, but are 1-3 since then. The Red Sox lost their last two games against Oakland by scores of 5-3 and 4-2.

Boston’s team ERA of 5.45 ranks 13th-best in the AL and its .276 batting average against is also 13th.

Since going 2-16 against the Red Sox in 2009, the Orioles have gone 9-9 in 2010 and 8-10 last year. The Orioles won five of seven games between the teams last September including the bottom of the ninth win on the last night of the regular season last Sept. 28 at Camden Yards that helped knock the Red Sox out of a playoff berth.

The Orioles are 7-11 the last two years at Fenway Park. After starting 0-5 there last summer, they went 3-1 in a series there from Sept. 19-21.

What is your take?: How will the Orioles do this weekend in Boston? Is tonight the night they finally beat Jon Lester?

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