Nick Johnson on his latest trip to the DL

After leaving last night’s game after just one at-bat, Nick Johnson has been placed on the 15-day disabled list today by the Orioles with a right wrist sprain. Johnson is batting .207/.324/.391 with four home runs and 11 RBIs in 38 games.

He has had multiple surgeries on that wrist before, and will have an MRI tomorrow to make sure the injury is just a sprain at this point.

“Need to try and get it right and hopefully there is nothing too structurally wrong with it,” Johnson said. “It didn’t really swell up as it had in the past. Hopefully, a couple of cortisone shots could do the trick.”

Johnson said he wasn’t certain if cortisone would be what the doctors will prescribe for his injury.

“I don’t know,” he said. “Hopefully nothing is wrong with it and maybe that can take the pain away. I’ve had it done in the past, so we’ll wait to see what the doc says.”

Johnson said if he hits the ball squarely he doesn’t have any pain, but in the second inning last night, he felt discomfort when he batted and struck out against the Angels.

“It was the foul ball. If I square it up, I’m fine,” Johnson said. “But I fouled it off, and it was pretty painful. It got me on a few swings. I lose strength in it. If I square it up, I’m good, but I’ve got one bullet to use per at-bat. The strength comes back, but it takes too long. We’ll see if we can calm it down.”

So he heads to the disabled list today amid some uncertainty as to what will happen next for the injury.

“That’s fine. Just have to try and get this right and push forward,” Johnson said.

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