Wieters on Roberts’ possible return to the Orioles

Today is the last game of the series between the Orioles and Phillies, but it is also possibly the last game the Orioles will have to play without Brian Roberts.

His injury rehab assignment ends Monday, and it’s possible Roberts could be in the Orioles’ lineup here Tuesday for the first time since last May 16.

If Roberts is back Tuesday, catcher Matt Wieters said it could provide a big lift to this team in several ways.

“It’s big,” Wieters said. “One, to have a veteran guy in the clubhouse who has the kind of experience he has is always going to help you out, but two, everybody knows what kind of a leadoff hitter and player Brian can be. We’ve all been looking forward to seeing him come back for a long time.

“It’s a huge lift. The season is a long, grueling season so anytime you can get a lift like that emotionally, I think it will help us play better. Getting him back in the lineup should help, but more important than that, it might just lift up all the other guys when you need a push going into the All-Star break.”

Wieters cannot relate to trying to come back from concussion symptoms, but he can admire Roberts’ battle to get back on the field with the Orioles.

“Seeing what he goes through, you could see he was just trying to fight through it and get back as quick as possible,” Wieters said. “That is one of those injuries that is life-changing. It’s hard because people can’t see it from the outside, but we all know the struggles he has had to to through and how hard he has worked to get where he is now.”

Roberts has been around the Orioles often this year and has traveled with the team on the road. Even though he was not in the lineup, Wieters still sees him as one of the leaders on this club.

“I think so. I think him just being around all year has been good for him and good for us. It’s good to have Brian around. He’s got a personality that just makes you want to work harder,” Wieters said.

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