Brian Roberts talks about his upcoming hip surgery

A few moments ago, Brian Roberts told reporters at Camden Yards that he is opting to have surgery on the labral tear in his right hip. He played last night in Aberdeen, going 0-for-4 with a walk, but decided this was the best course of action.

Here is Roberts’ opening statement to reporters along with the questions and answers that followed:

“After playing last night and giving it a go with my hip, we’re going to proceed with surgery. It just hasn’t responded the way we were hoping it would. I kind of knew this was a possibility going in, but we wanted to give it the best possible shot we could to get back out there and try and help for the last two months of the season. But it just is not going to put me in a position to play the way I want to play and the way I think is necessary to help.

What convinced you after last night to go this route?
“I think, deep down in my gut, I probably knew before last night. Some of the things working out leading up to it had definitely given me some concern that it wasn’t going to get a whole lot better. With the cortisone shot in there now already and still having symptoms and pain, and not being to move to the ability with movements that I am used to be able to, it really just didn’t provide a great avenue to go out and there succeed.

What timetable have you been given and are you are optimistic about playing next year?
“I am. That is one of the reasons why we are going ahead and getting it done now. I might get out there and battle through 100 at-bats the next month or two and they might be so-so, I don’t know. But the main goal right now is get ready for 600 good at-bats in 2013. ... It’s about a four- to six-month rehab, probably.

“It should lend itself to a fairly normal routine process after the first three months of getting ready for the season next year and that is the consensus we came to. Let’s be ready to go for a healthy 2013. We all believe we are having a great year this year and we are going to have an even better next year. I want to be part of that in a healthy way.”

How difficult was this decision after all you have been through?
“It’s been a long two years. It hasn’t gone the way I would have drawn it up, but as we all know, life doesn’t go the way you plan it. It’s very hard to sit here and watch those guys play in these games. While I was in Sarasota on Friday night, to see the atmosphere in this stadium on TV and to see the excitement in the dugout and not be able to be a part of that after so many years here of playing in atmospheres that weren’t like that, it’s very hard.

“That is why I wanted to give it one more chance. The first doctor I saw recommended surgery pretty much right away. He thought that was the necessary way to go and the second doctor said, ‘Let’s give it at least one try.’ When they laid out there, I thought, yeah, I mean, I’ll give it a shot if I can. I want to be a part of this.

“But I also want to do it in a way that benefits the team and is not a detriment to the team. I’m not going to be selfish enough to be out there if I don’t think I can help.”

When will the procedure take place?
“We don’t have it set up yet. I’m assuming it will be in the next week or 10 days. The plan right now is it looks like I’ll probably have surgery in Vail (Colo.) with a specialist out there. I talked to Ed Reed. He had surgery with the same physician (Dr. Marc Philippon). He stayed out there and rehabbed about a month so that is probably my plan right now, to stay out there and rehab the first month. Get my feet on the ground with The Steadman Clinic out there and then go back to Sarasota and begin the process of getting ready for next season.”

Can you return to play full go?
“Both doctors I saw said that with this surgery, there is a 95 percent success rate of getting back to playing at the same or better level than you ever were. I’d say that’s pretty high when it comes to a surgical procedure. I’ve talked to multiple people that have had it and the success rate is very good. I have no reason to believe I can come back and never have a leg problem again. I’ve never had one before.”

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