Ranking O’s starters by quality start and win percentage

After noticing last night that the Orioles are a surprising 9-5 this year in games started by Tommy Hunter, I wondered what the team’s record was in games started by others.

Here is a ranking of the starters by the team’s winning percentage when they start:

.643 - Hunter (9-5)
.611 - Jason Hammel (11-7), Wei-Yin Chen (11-7)
.500 - Miguel Gonzalez (1-1), Dana Eveland (1-1, Chris Tillman (1-1)
.389 - Jake Arrieta (7-11)
.375 - Brian Matusz (6-10)
.000 - Zach Britton (0-1)

Yes, that is rather surprising. Hunter has an ERA of 5.71 and it was 6.11 before last night, yet the Orioles have a stunning .643 win percentage in his outings. It actually is pretty impressive to see that the team has a win percentage of over .600 when three of the starters take the mound this year.

Meanwhile, not one O’s starter has posted quality starts in over 50 percent of their outings this year. Some think posting a quality start is no big deal, as you record one with six innings or more and three earned runs or less. It’s harder than you think, but an important stat because the Orioles are 34-5 when they get a quality start this year. That is a winning percentage of .872 when the starting pitcher records a quality start.

Ranking the O’s pitchers by quality start percentage:
.500 - Chen (9-18), Hammel (9-18), Gonzalez (1-2), Eveland (1-2), Tillman (1-2)
.429 - Hunter (6-14)
.375 - Matusz (6-16)
.333 - Arrieta (6-18)
.000 - Britton (0-1)

What is your take? How important is the quality start stat and team win percentage for starting pitchers?

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