Talk show callers and their trade ideas

It is one of those topics that might come up on a sports talk show and make for interesting conversation, even though the odds of it happening are very, very low.

One of those topics came up on my radio show last night on 105.7 FM The Fan in Baltimore. A caller thought the Orioles should be sellers at the trade deadline and one big chip that they should trade is closer Jim Johnson.

Keep in mind this was a caller suggestion and is not being rumored about by anyone and there has been no talk of trading Johnson.

But if there was, you’d think he is the kind of player that could bring the Orioles a nice package of prospects. Johnson has 30 saves, an ERA of 2.55 and a WHIP of 0.969.

He has some of the nastiest stuff in the league and is coming into his prime years at 29. He is making $2.625 million this season and is under team control through the 2014 season. There is a lot to like about Johnson - if only the Orioles made him available which seems very, very unlikely.

Johnson also is a pitcher that could eventually be used as a starter and that would only enhance his value to a possible acquiring club.

It makes for some good talk show conversation, but won’t be something we have to deal with over the next few days, barring something very unforseen.

It will be interesting to see if the Orioles do make any moves before Tuesday’s trade deadline. If they are hanging on to their top prospects like Dylan Bundy and Manny Machado, they may have to part with one or more of their young starting pitchers if they want something of real value beyond a marginal addition.

But as for Johnson, it makes for some good phone calls on a sports show with talk of what he could bring back in a trade, but we won’t be seeing that make actual headlines over the next few days.

Bundy coverage tonight: By the way, Dylan Bundy is expected to pitch beyond five innings tonight for the first time ever in the pro ranks and I will be there to cover his start tonight when Bundy pitches for Single-A Frederick at Wilmington.

Follow me on Twitter for updates tonight and check back here on this blog this afternoon and tonight for updates on Bundy’s start at Wilmington.

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