Wieters talks about tight right bicep that has him out of tonight’s lineup

Mired in a 1-for-30 slump, some might say Matt Wieters has a sore bat. Now, he has a tight right bicep to match. He is not in tonight’s lineup because of that. He felt some discomfort during yesterday’s game.

“I took a few swings yesterday where I got a little tight with the right bicep, and we just want to make sure we can get that full go,” Wieters said. “If we take a day off today, we should be good to go tomorrow. Don’t want to turn a one-day tightness into something more, that’s for sure. Buck has been great when I need a day to give me one.

“It was just something that was little tight (yesterday) after my first AB. Second AB, it kind of got more tight. Played the rest of the game and had no more problems with it, but just want to make sure that everything gets back to where it needs to be.”

Wieters also said he didn’t have any problem with it on defense, but did a little while hitting.

“Throwing was actually not a problem, that is why I could stay in the game and try and help the team defensively. Really, it’s just (with) the finish of the left-handed swing. I think a day of treatment will get it knocked out and be ready to go.

“You want to get healthy, because one, you don’t want to change the swing to try and help it and two, you don’t want to injure it anymore. I’m not really concerned. I just think it’s tightness that anyone gets throughout the season.

Matt-Wieters_White-Batting-Wide.jpg“I feel it a bit on the left-handed swing. Just the finish too. It wasn’t anything prior to that. Just an elongated finish. Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe it will make me shorten up my swing a bit left-handed,” Wieters joked.

Wieters is hitless in 15 at-bats over his last four games and is just 1-for-30 over his last eight. He is batting only .197 in 19 games in July.

“I didn’t know I was 1-for-30. Every time you go up there, you still feel you can get a hit. It’s not like you’re lost up there by any means. Been watching video all year. Just trying to get that swing locked in,” he said.

In 90 games, Wieters is batting .238 with 12 homers, 46 RBIs and a .720 OPS.

Does he think he can play tomorrow?

“Yeah, if all treatment goes well today, but that’s another thing where we need to make sure it feels good before I get back in there,” Wieters said. “I see it as a one, maybe two-day rest as opposed to two or three weeks.”

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