Adam Jones: “If there is a sense of concern, it’s sure not in the clubhouse”

Give Adam Jones credit. He’s answered the same question for two days, asked by different reporters in different ways: It is a variation of “How are the Orioles holding up under pennant race pressure?”

Today, Jones emphasized again there is no panic or concern in the O’s clubhouse over losing back-to-back games and three of their last four.

“Only two games. If there is a sense of concern, it’s sure not in the clubhouse,” he said. “No one is stressing. There is no pressure on us. We are not supposed to be here, according to everybody, I guess, when it comes to the media. It’s no stress on us. We know what is at stake with seven games to go. We’ve got something do, we’ve got something to prove.

“We’ve played good in our division, which is a good thing, but these last seven games won’t be easy. Toronto is not giving up, Boston is always tough and Tampa is right behind us, trying to catch us. Everything is important now.”

Jones was asked how the team is physically holding up.

“Everybody else is tired, too. Think (Derek) Jeter is not tired? He’s like the Kobe Bryant of baseball - he’s played so many more games than anyone else. No excuses. My adrenaline, once the game starts, is sky high. This is what you play the game for,” je said.

Jones has certainly continued to play well down the stretch. Over his last nine games, he is batting .381 (16-for-42) with four doubles, three homers and seven RBIs. He has six homers over his past 20 games and eight in the last 28.

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