Chris Davis talks about starting in right and the pitch that hit Markakis

We don’t know if the move will become permanent for the rest of this season, but for today, Chris Davis is the replacement for Nick Markakis and will be starting in right field for the Orioles.

“I feel good about it,” Davis said moments ago in the O’s clubhouse. “Not happy with how it came about. Nicky has been on fire lately. It just gives us that much more reason to go out there and win. I went out there today and took some fly balls. Feel good, my legs feel good. I’ve had plenty of rest. Played probably about half the games these guys had since I’ve been DHing. Hopefully, that will help. To be honest with you, I’m looking forward to being out there and playing defense again.”

Davis has made 15 starts in right field this year. How tough is it to play right at Camden Yards?

“It is a lot different that most ballparks (with the scoreboard there). It doesn’t make it any easier going out there after a Gold Glover,” he said. “But I know my job is not to go out there and wow anybody. It is to play solid defense, not make mistakes and hit my cutoff guy. I’ll try to simplify it as much as I can and have fun with it.”

As for the CC Sabathia pitch that hit Markakis, Davis said he felt there was no intent to throw at the O’s right fielder.

“You know what? In a game like that, when it is that close, if you are throwing at guys, then your intent is obviously not to win the game,” Davis said. “It is hard for me to believe that CC would intentionally throw at Nick, especially when he had him 0-2. I don’t think he is that kind of player.

“To be honest with you, we are not looking to pick a fight. If they bring to our front doorstep, we are not going to back down. But we are not trying to pick fights out here. We are trying to win a division. I know there is a lot frustration over there. Just take it as it is and keep playing.”

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