Clubhouse reaction to the Markakis injury

In the Orioles clubhouse the topic was not so much a win over the Yankees, first place or how the last play unfolded. It was about the injury to Nick Markakis and how the Orioles will now try to overcome that difficult blow to their season.

Here are comments from Adam Jones:
“We have to rally around him. It (stinks), what do you want me to say? It’s September and one of our best players is down for the the rest of the year. It (stinks). What can we do about that? Complaining won’t heal his hand tomorrow.

“We have to rally around him. People have injuries late in the year. It’s extremely unfortunate but it is how things happen sometimes.

“It’s the sport. Injuries happen every day and you have to compensate for it. We lost him for a month in June and we rallied around as a team. Now we have to do that more than ever because he is a big, big, big part of our lineup and this team. He’s going to be out for the rest of the year, so someone has to step up. Not even just someone, but as a team we have to step up and handle it.

“You have to go through the ups and downs, the grind, the injuries of a season. Teixeira missed the last week and a half and the Yankees had to rally around him. A-Rod missed a month and a half and they had to rally around him. They have their big guns in September, our injury happened a little later, but you have to rally around him.”

Mark Reynolds comments:
“This is the second broken bone he’s had this year. I respect him. He’s a great teammate, a great guy. He’s been here a long time, been through the losing. Now we are finally winning and he’s going to have to cheer us on. Which (stinks) but I think he is going to make the best of the situation and be with us here on the ride the whole way out.

“We’ve been doing it all year (overcoming adversity). A big part of our team is gone now, but someone is going to step up, no doubt about it. Maybe not fill what Nicky has been able to contribute but just enough and then other guys on the team. It is our opportunity now to fill his void. I think we can do it.”

Here is what Joe Saunders said:
“It is just sad we lost Nick tonight. Just coming over here for a couple of weeks, I can tell he is one of the heart and souls of this team. We’re going to miss him and miss his bat.”

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