In chase for AL East, who will blink first?

So after Saturday’s game, the Orioles are 16-2 in extra-inning games and Boston is 2-9. The Red Sox are 0-7 in extra-inning games at home while the Orioles are 11-0 on the road.

That is just very, very impressive.

The Orioles are now 23 games over .500. That is rather impressive.

The Orioles have won six in a row. Also impressive. When this streak began, the Orioles were one game out of first and now they are ... one game out of first.

The Yankees have seen that six-game win streak and raised the Orioles one by winning seven in a row. Right now, these teams are staring each other down and no one is blinking.

Since Sept. 2, when the Orioles were two games out, these teams have not been separated by more than one game.

The Orioles are playing great baseball, but if New York won’t lose, they can’t get into first place. The Oakland A’s will try to bounce back from blowing a four-run lead in extra innings Saturday in their series finale at New York today with A.J. Griffin (6-1, 2.45 ERA) on the mound.

The Orioles are doing all they can to win the East. Each team now has 11 games to go. The Orioles are 37-24 in the division this year and their .607 win percentage in AL East games is actually better than their .576 overall percentage.

If the O’s go 8-3 or better the rest of the way, they’ll have at least 95 wins. If 95 doesn’t get them first place, they’ll just have to tip their caps to New York and try to advance through the playoffs the hard way, by first winning a one-game round.

It’s an AL East staredown, and so far, no one is blinking.

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