Markakis: “I knew I broke it” (Markakis audio added)

Nick Markakis knew right away the news would not be good after he was hit on the left thumb by a CC Sabathia tonight in the fifth inning of the Orioles 5-4 win over the Yankees.

“When it first happened I knew I broke it,” Markakis said. “I couldn’t bend my finger. Pain wise, it is not as bad as I thought it would be, but I knew it was definitely broken as soon as I took my batting glove off. I knew as soon as he hit it. I knew how it hit me. One of those accidents.

“It (stinks). It’s an unfortunate situation but the season is going to go on. I’ll be here for the guys and supporting them, it’s just a tough blow,” he said of this injury that very well could end his season.

Buck Showalter said the club would hold out hope that Markakis could return to the team if it makes the playoffs and plays deep into October.

“Yeah, hopefully (I could get back),” Markakis said. “We’ll see how it goes. Just a matter of healing. I need to be in a brace for awhile and hopefully it will heal quicker than I think it will.”

After all these years of playing on poor Orioles teams, Markakis was helping to lead this team toward October and now if they make the playoffs, he may not be able to be a part of that.

“Yeah, the timing (stinks). But we have a great group of guys and they will battle through this. I’ll be here supporting and rooting for them,” he said.

“I’ve had a pretty banged up 2012. Never broken a bone, never had surgeries and now I’ve had two surgeries and two broken bones in one season. That is how it goes and I’ll move on and get better as quick as I can. We’ve got depth and a great group of guys on the bench and we’ll get through it.”

Coming in my next entry, reaction from around the O’s clubhouse to the Markakis injury.

Click below to hear Markakis’ comments on his injury.

Nick Markakis talks about his broken thumb by smelewski

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