No time to panic, but some fans got real down after losses at Oakland

First of all, let me say that it is your right as a fan to have any opinion of the Orioles that you do. But it is my right to not agree with you.

I disagree with several of you today.

Between this blog and Twitter I saw some interesting comments after last night’s game:

“ has been an excellent run.”
“I fear it is over.”
“There is no way the Orioles can be in a pennant race with Chavez in the lineup.”

This reminds of one we got a lot earlier this year, “How much longer can this team keep playing Mark Reynolds?”

Just keep a few facts in mind. Until Saturday, the Orioles hadn’t lost back-to-back games since Aug. 16-17, a span of 27 games. Also, if the season ended today, they are in the playoffs. Right now they are one game out first place. One game.

Even a loss today and getting swept at Oakland would be no reason for such feelings or comments. The A’s are red hot right now and are the best team in the league since the All-Star break. Losing to them doesn’t mean it’s over.

The Orioles got smoked by the Angels earlier this year. The same Angels team that would gladly change places with the Orioles today since they trail Baltimore by 2 1/2 games for a playoff berth. Right now they are out and the Orioles are in.

After today, the Orioles play their next 13 games against Seattle, Boston, Toronto and Boston. All those clubs currently have losing records. That doesn’t mean the O’s will steamroll those teams, but it does mean they will not face teams that are red hot like Oakland and/or playoff bound.

I have seen too much from this team this year to doubt them now. Way too much. The Orioles will be a playoff team in the standings even if they lose today. To the contrary of some posters, I remain confident and upbeat about this team. But I see where not everyone agrees with me.

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