10 questions for O's fans

Today and this weekend, I'm asking 10 questions and looking for your answers. Feel free to provide a take on one, three, six or all 10 questions. If you want to number your answers to correspond with the question that may make it easier to follow.

1: How many games will Nolan Reimold start next season?

2: How many saves will Jim Johnson have in 2013?

3: In three years, will Johnson be a relief pitcher or a starting pitcher?

4: Which team will finish last in the American League East in 2013?

5: Which player will hit more homers next season, J.J Hardy or Matt Wieters?

6: Which minor league player are you most interested to follow next season and why?

7: Who will lead the 2013 Orioles in wins?

8: What kind of batting stats will Manny Machado have in 2013?

9: What will the Orioles' regular-season final attendance look like?

10: Chris Davis hit 33 homers with 85 RBIs last year to lead the Orioles in both categories. How many homers and RBIs will Davis have in 2013?

A lot to ponder, discuss and respond to, so have at it, O's fans. I look forward to some interesting takes on this.

But first: Check this out if you missed the story I published last night. The Orioles now have a national pitching crosschecker on their scouting staff. James Keller was promoted to that position by scouting director Gary Rajsich. This is a pretty important scouting position for a club counting on young pitching, now and in the future, and one that selected pitchers with 12 of its first 17 draft picks last June.

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