Dickerson brings plenty of experience to O’s third base box

The Orioles’ new third base coach has not been in that box for a while, but Bobby Dickerson, who was hired to replace DeMarlo Hale, has been in that box a lot over the years.

“I’ve got over 1,200 games coaching third at the minor league level,” Dickerson said today at FanFest. “I’ve coached third at the Triple-A and Double-A levels. I’ve been over there. The only big difference is I was there as a manger. The biggest adjustment I’ve going to have, I believe, is going to be relaying the signs from Buck (Showalter).”

Dickerson last coached third for 89 games in 2010 with Triple-A Norfolk after he took over as the manager on June 4 of that season.

“Just getting back out there in spring training will be huge, getting to know which players run the best,” Dickerson said. “Some guys come to third and pick you up at different spots. Then knowing the outfield defense, who is coming up next to hit. All those things come into play in making decisions over there.”

Dickerson knows there will be times to be aggressive and times to not be.

“If you watch ESPN, on any given night, people get thrown out at the plate. It’s part of the game,” he said. “You force the defense to make plays and sometimes they get you out. On the flip side, there are times to be less aggressive. You need to know where you are in the lineup and you may be less aggressive if we have hitters coming up who can change the game at the plate.”

Dickerson will also work with the Orioles infielders and will spend plenty of time working with Chris Davis at first base.

“He’s an athletic guy. He went to right field. He looks like he has lost some weight and is in great condition,” Dickerson said. “He told me he will get after it over there. Last spring he was looking at playing several positions possibly. He’ll come in and do the early work, a lot of leg work, everything to get him set to play that position.”

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