Duquette and Showalter on Earl Weaver

At the beginning of their forum with Orioles season ticket holders, which kicks off FanFest each year, executive vice president Dan Duquette and manager Buck Showalter each made comments about Hall of Famer Earl Weaver, who died this morning.

“Earl obviously was a great manager,” Duquette said. “I was grateful last year we got to share a lot about his career when he was with us last year. You could see the love between the players and Earl. Earl was a simple guy. You pitch it, catch it, hit the ball over the fence. He had a simplicity to his vision and he was faithful to that vision his whole life. We’ll miss him but he leaves a great legacy for the Orioles and Orioles fans.”

Showalter shared some thoughts on Weaver as well.

“If you had on an Orioles uniform, you had an in with him,” Showalter said. “I just talked to Scott McGregor, who was on the cruise with him, and during the conversation he just started telling Earl stories. I think Earl would say, ‘I hope I don’t mess up FanFest.’

“The Orioles were very precious to Earl. We brought him to spring training last year and in about 10 minutes into talking to our staff, you could see why he was so successful. The blood would flow, the language would get a little colorful when he started talking baseball.

“We honored Earl last year but we can still honor Earl. Every time I look at an Oriole now I think it will be missing a feather without Earl around. He loved the year we were having last year. I don’t know, tough day.”

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