A new edition of 10 questions for O’s fans

Today I present the third edition of 10 questions for O’s fans. I’ll once again throw out some questions and topics and hope you answer and respond to any or all of them. If you number your answers it will be easier to follow the responses.

Now on with the latest edition:

1. Is Brian Matusz better suited to be a starter or reliever?

2. Who do you rate as the Orioles’ best defensive outfielder?

3. What will Wei-Yin Chen’s stats look like in his second season as an Oriole?

4. Which is your favorite road big league ballpark and why?

5. Predict Adam Jones’ stats for the 2013 season.

6. Who will lead the Orioles in batting average this year?

7. How many combined starts will Dylan Bundy and Kevin Gausman make this season?

8. Who will hit more homers this year, Manny Machado or Nate McLouth?

9. What is the biggest current weakness or question mark for the Orioles?

10. Orioles fans seem to get upset at times if national reporters do not predict good things for their team. Do you care about this and why do you think this is the case?

You can review the first edition of 10 questions here and the second here.

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