Orioles’ minor league spring training camp roster

From A to Z, here is a lengthy list of players reporting to the Orioles’ minor league spring training camp this weekend at Twin Lakes Park in Sarasota, Fla.

I count 83 pitchers, 19 catchers, 32 infielders and utility players and 28 outfielders on the list for a total of 162 players. Also note some players playing in the World Baseball Classic are not on this list, like Jonathan Schoop. Any player on the current major league camp roster is not on this list.


RHP - Baker, David
RHP - Bascom, Tim
RHP - Beal, Jesse
RHP - Beaulac, Eric
RHP - Beck, Sander
RHP - Berry, Ryan
LHP - Berry, Tim
RHP - Bischoff, Matt
RHP - Blackmar, Mark
RHP - Boleska, Thomas
RHP - Bridwell, Parker
RHP - Bundy, Bobby
LHP - Bywater, Matthew
RHP - Chalas, Miguel
RHP - Claburn, Tyler
LHP - Coffey, Cameron
RHP - Davies, Zach
RHP - Delaney, Rob
RHP - Delcarmen, Manny
RHP - Dominguez, Dioni
RHP - Drake, Oliver
RHP - Egan, Patrick
RHP - Escat, Gene
RHP - Esquivel, Jaime
RHP - Fernandez, Jesus
LHP - Fowler, Zach
RHP - Gamboa, Eddie
RHP - Givens, Mychal
RHP - Gleason, Sean
LHP - Grendell, Kevin
RHP - Grim, Nick
LHP - Gurka, Jason
RHP - Guzman, Juan
LHP - Hader, Josh
RHP - Hobgood, Matt
LHP - Howard, Trent
RHP - Jacob, Kevin
RHP - Johnson, Chase
RHP - Joseph, Michael
RHP - Jones, Devin
RHP - Klein, Dan
RHP - Kline, Branden
LHP - Loomis, Andy
RHP - Louico, Williams
LHP - Mahon, Logan
RHP - McAdams, Sean
RHP - McCracken, Jason
RHP - Mertins, Kyle
LHP - Meyer, Dan
RHP - Nivar, Jose
LHP - Parry, Bennett
RHP - Petersime, Zach
LHP - Petrini, Chris
LHP - Pettit, Jacob
LHP - Pinales, Elias
RHP - Pineiro, Joel
RHP - Pintar, Jake
LHP - Porter, Duke
RHP - Prado, Marcel
RHP - Price, Mathew
LHP - Quinowski, David
RHP - Recchia, Michael
RHP - Rennie, Luc
RHP - Richardson, David
LHP - Rivera, Jorge
LHP - Rundles, Rich
LHP - Rutledge, Lex
RHP - Salas, Domingo
RHP - Schrader, Clayton
LHP - Schreurs, Ronald
RHP - Severino, Janser
RHP - Staniewicz, Zachary
LHP - Taylor, Matt
LHP - Tolliver, Ashur
RHP - Torres, Dennis
RHP - Vader, Sebastian
RHP - Wager, Brady
RHP - Walters, David
RHP - Wilson, Tyler
RHP - Winegardner, Tommy
LHP - Wooten, Eric
LHP - Zagone, Rick
RHP - Zinicola, Zech

Position Players:

C - Booker, Zach
C - Chavez, Zane
C - Davis, Adam
C - Dultz, Kevin
C - Frantini, Brett
C - Graham, Jack
C - Joseph, Caleb
C - Kalush, Scott
C - Kimmel, Sam
C - Murphy, Tanner
C - Ohlman, Michael
C - Oliveira, Joe
C - Pellegrino, Dan
C - Perez, Pedro
C - Russell, Steel
C - Sawyer, Wynston
C - Vahalik, James
C - Ward, Brian
C - Weems, Chase

2B - Adair, Travis
1B - Baker, Aaron
1B - Balog, Nikolas
2B - Boss, Torsten
UTL - Britton, Buck
SS - Capellan, Byron
SS - Caronia, Anthony
3B - Delmonico, Nick
UTL - Esposito, Jason
1B - Flacco, Michael
3B - Hutter, Joel
2B - Kelly, Tyler
3B - Ledesma, Ronarsy
UTL - Leonora, Dudley
SS - Marin, Adrian
3B - Mosby, Michael
1B - Narron, Connor
2B - Nathans, Tucker
2B - Pena, Jerome
3B - Richards, Kristopher
UTL - Rosa, Garabez
1B - Segui, Cory
2B - Simpson, Creede
SS - Starr, Samuel
1B - Townsend, Tyler
2B - Vargas, Yariel
2B - Vasquez, Oscar
3B - Veloz, Hector
SS - Wade, Chris
1B - Walker, Christian
1B - Waring, Brandon
3B - Wheeler, Zelous

OF - Aguilar, Andres
OF - Barber, George
OF - Bernadina, Roderick
OF - Bleeker, Derrick
OF - Bumbry, Steven
OF - Glynn, Davis
OF - Greenberg, Adam
OF - Herbst, Lucas
OF - Hernandez, Manuel
OF - Howard, William
OF - Hudson, Kyle
OF - Hunnicutt, Raymond
OF - Knight, Austin
OF - Lartiguez, Oswill
OF - Lorenzo, Gregory
OF - Martinez, Jesus
OF - Mummey, Trent
OF - Nowak, Jeremy
OF - Pettit, Chris
OF - Planeta, Michael
OF - Ruettiger, Johnny
OF - Simmons, Jalen
OF - Smith, Tim
OF - Sosnoskie, Merritt
OF - Urrutia, Henry
OF - Vega, Anthony
OF - Webb, Brenden
OF - Welty, Ronnie

There were 29 players on this list that reported early to Twin Lakes Park on February 18 for a mini camp and they have already been taking part in workouts. They were listed here.

Click here to see Baseball America’s list of players that were O’s minor league free agents at the end of last season. Some are still with the club and others have moved on.

Orioles minor league pitchers and catchers are scheduled to report tomorrow, March 2 with workouts beginning the next day and position players report March 7. The minor league exhibition games begin March 13.

If you missed the list of the minor league managers and coaches, click here for that.

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