It has been an interesting start to the season in terms of fan comments and reactions

Yesterday was not a good day to listen to the sports talk shows in Baltimore. I generally listen when I can, and have hosted many shows over the years, but some of the comments about Adam Jones and the Orioles were overreactions and way over the top.

When I was a guest with Ken Weinman on his show this afternoon on 105.7 FM The Fan in Baltimore, he presented an interesting theory: He said in a town like Baltimore, with so many die-hard Ravens fans, that some fans are taking a football mentality and putting too much on any one baseball game.

There are 16 games in football and 162 in baseball.

The players, coaches and Buck Showalter realize that no matter what happened on a Friday - good or bad, great or devastating - you have to forget about it and go play Saturday. The Orioles couldn’t let giving Friday’s game away beat them twice and they didn’t with a win yesterday.

Jones dropped a ball. We have probably analyzed and overanalyzed that enough. Jones also beat Boston with an RBI double off Koji Uehara earlier this week and currently ranks first in the American League in hits, second in batting average, third in runs, is tied for fourth in RBIs and ninth in OBP.

While his drop led directly to a loss, some of his offense has led directly and indirectly to wins already, too - so let’s have some perspective here.

I respect Baltimore fans and I surely respect people that comment on our blogs here. That doesn’t mean if I disagree that I will be afraid to say so. I don’t want to offend or upset anyone ever, but you have to be true to your opinions. We are discussing baseball here and there will be disagreements and that can be good for discussion purposes.

Some of the fan reaction so far does frustrate me. I do think there are times I hear some less knowledgeable fans saying something way off base. Let’s face it, the Orioles have some bandwagon fans after all the years of losing that were reversed last year. All teams do.

I am not expecting any fan to avoid criticizing the team and sometimes the criticism comes about through passion and caring for the club.

Opinions make the world go around, and these blogs also. All are welcome. But they are not created equal and some have been a little reactionary and over the top during the season’s first 11 games.

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