O’s have no choice but to try and put ugly loss behind them and bounce back today

On a night when they gave up three runs on one error and three outs on one grounder, it was going to be hard to win. And it was for the Orioles Friday night at Yankee Stadium.

That loss felt a little like some pre-2012 Orioles defeats at Yankee Stadium.

The Orioles’ defense, which was among the best in the American League late last year, has now been directly involved in at least three of the club’s five losses during a 5-5 start.

There was the lost ball in the sun last Sunday against Minnesota, where two runs scored during a one-run defeat. There was a Chris Davis error in the ninth the night before that allowing the go-ahead run to score in a one-run loss and the Adam Jones dropped fly ball last night that allowed three runs to score in a 2-2 tie.

It has certainly not been crisp baseball and it is frustrating for everyone that the Yankees were handed that game and a three-run inning without even getting one hit.

Despite all that, I don’t see any major red flags from these games or plays telling me that trouble is looming ahead. Not to mention the fact they involved Jones and Davis, who have combined to drive in 29 of the club’s 48 runs.

Teams make mistakes and the Orioles tied the game on an unearned run when Kevin Youkilis booted an easy Matt Wieters’ grounder in the top of the seventh.

Here are some surprising stats:

The Orioles have allowed five unearned runs this year and have gone 1-2 in games where they allow one or more unearned runs. Last year at this same 10-game point, they had allowed nine unearned runs and had one or more already in five separate games. But they were 4-1 in those games and 6-4 overall.

I don’t know, maybe that is what Buck Showalter says about not making it matter, whether it’s an error, an umpire’s blown call or whatever.

I’ve seen Jones blow bubbles all the time and it only gets noticed when he makes a mistake. It hasn’t helped him make great catches in the past or caused him to make mistakes. He has said many times it is non-voluntary. He doesn’t even know when he blows bubbles.

Sorry, but blaming the game on that is just ridiculous.

Now it is time for the club to try and bounce back again, as they did from two tough losses to Minnesota and as they did down two in the ninth inning on Wednesday night in Boston.

They will have to move on quickly. Game time today is 4:05.

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