Back in the lineup, Chris Davis says his right knee is fine

Four days after leaving a game with a right knee injury and two days after returning to the lineup, Chris Davis has pronounced himself fine. He is in the lineup tonight and said he is not restricted in any way.

Although there were a few moments of concern when he limped off the field Friday at Anaheim.

“It was one of those things where you kind of realize you are not invincible,” Davis said this afternoon. “I’ve never had any injuries in my career that caused me to miss some time. But I felt good two days later, was able to play and I feel good today.

“It is something I may have to constantly keep an eye on. But I was excited to get back in the lineup on Sunday. Maybe we pushed it up a little bit, but I felt good enough to play.”

Davis said he can run full speed now.

“Kind of went station-to-station Sunday, but yeah, I feel good,” he said. “Of course we could have a wet track tonight, but I feel good.

“Right after I did it, I was kind of confused, ‘What is this all about?’ I do a lot of work to take care of my body. On the positive side I am glad I did it going 100 percent. Sometimes you see guys pull up and get hurt. I think the biggest mistake I made was lunging for the bag. That’s a big no-no. But I’m ready to go.”

Davis was asked if the injury still could be lingering in his mind when he plays?

“No, he gone,” Davis said, doing his best Hawk Harrelson impression.

In 31 games, Davis is batting .327 with nine homers, 30 RBIs, a .673 slugging percentage and an OPS of 1.098.

Davis leads the American League in slugging and ranks fifth in on-base percentage at .425. He is tied for second in homers, fourth in RBIs and seventh in batting average.

Davis was asked about the teams’ play during a 7-4 road trip to Oakland, Seattle and Anaheim.

“It was awesome,” he said. “That is a tough road trip, especially early in the season. We did a great job of keeping our heads up. That Oakland loss had the potential to really drown us, but we kept our heads up and had a really good road trip.”

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