Chris Davis talks to kids at Catonsville High and a Davis-Miguel Cabrera comparison

Several times in recent weeks when talking about the great season Chris Davis is having, manager Buck Showalter has mentioned that he is proud of how Davis has handled the added attention of his success this year.

The latest example of Davis making his skipper proud came off the field yesterday. Davis did an appearance at Catonsville High School on behalf of AT&T to educate students and faculty on the dangers of texting while driving and generate awareness for AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign. Their documentary, “The Last Text,” recounts stories of families and students who have lost loved ones or been involved in accidents as a result of texting while driving.

Davis has hit plenty of homers recently, but it sounds like he hit one there off the field as well.

“I got a note back from one of our people that said it was just a great experience the way he handled himself and interacted with the kids,” Showalter said today. “You know, that doesn’t happen all the time. He is taking on the responsibility of what comes with some of the good fortune you’ve had come your way.

“I think that is the way Chris feels. He came with that. He didn’t acquire that, he came with that. So those are the things you get proud about, but he was doing that last year where he might have a spurt where he was not as good.

“I was glad to hear from somebody yesterday (about that appearance). I’m glad they knew that I’d like to hear that and I shared it with Chris.”

Back on the field, it’s not exactly a one-on-one showdown this weekend between Davis and Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera, but the pair are currently first and second in several key American League offensive categories.

Batting Average: Cabrera leads Davis, .369 to .353.
Homers: Davis leads Cabrera, 19 to 15.
RBIs: Cabrera leads Davis, 59 to 50.
Total Bases: They share the AL lead with 141.
OBP: Cabrera leads Davis, .443 to .441.
Slugging: Davis leads Cabrera, .754 to .659.
OPS: Davis leads Cabrera, 1.195 to 1.102.

Here is another interesting stat involving this series. It features the players with the top three extra-base totals in major league baseball:

37 - Chris Davis
32 - Manny Machado
31 - Miguel Cabrera

How about that? The O’s duo is ahead of the 2012 Triple Crown winner and the reigning AL Most Valuable Player.

It’s going to be an interesting weekend at the Yard.

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