Miguel Gonzalez provides an update on his thumb blister

After leaving his last start on Friday at Anaheim after six innings and 80 pitches due to a thumb blister, Miguel Gonzalez could have made his next start this Thursday against Kansas City, but now is expected to have it pushed back to Friday or Saturday.

Gonzalez said the blister would not allow him to pitch today, but he figures he will be able to take the mound this weekend.

“It’s way better. Is it pitchable right now? No, it’s not. They are probably going to push me back one or two days. But I am feeling confident about (starting this weekend),” he said.

Gonzalez showed reporters that the location of the blister is right where the thumb bends and is on the inside of the thumb.

So what will he need to do over the next few days to make that next start?

“Just keep treating it, keep doing what I’m doing for it to get better,” he said. “If I can have some pressure there, I’ll be able to throw my pitches. Like this, you really can’t do anything, just let it heal.

“It was the last two starts. In Oakland, it wasn’t that bad, I was able to pitch with it. Then, like in the fourth or fifth in Anaheim, that is when I felt it a little more. It started bleeding and they told me to stop after the sixth inning.”

He is expecting to throw a side session with a bandage on the thumb Thursday.

He said the blister doesn’t bother him much when he throws his fastball, but does on some of his secondary pitches.

“Curveball and slider. Those two are the pitches where it fits on the seam and that makes it worse,” Gonzalez said. “I am going to try and work on something else to get off that seam so it can get a lot better and we don’t have to worry about it the rest of the year.”

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