The go-go O’s? From worst to first in stolen bases

The numbers tell the story and it is an impressive change for the better for the Orioles. Last season they stole 58 bases all year to rank last in the American League. This season they have 37 stolen bases and that ranks first in the AL.

At this pace the Orioles would steal 127 bases to more than double last year’s total.

They are also stealing at an impressive percentage. Last year not only did they not steal many bases, but the team stolen base percentage of 67 percent tied for last in the league. They have stolen 82 percent this year to rank tied for fourth.

The Orioles top three stolen base leaders are Nate McLouth who is 15-for-16, Adam Jones at 8-for-8 and Alexi Casilla at 5-5. That is 28-for-29 between those three players for a 96.6 percent success rate. Very impressive.

The Orioles pulled off a double steal last night with McLouth and Chris Dickerson. They have stolen eight bases in the last six games.

McLouth is the AL leader with his 15 steals, two ahead of Boston’s Jacoby Ellsbury. He has five more steals than Mike Trout by the way.

McLouth would set a team record if he keeps up this pace. He would finish with 59 stolen bases and break a 49-year-old mark of 57 set by Luis Aparacio in 1964.

Plus, you can combine the O’s stolen base success with the fact that they lead the league in throwing out runners at 54.5 percent (getting 12-of-22), well ahead of the second place team, Minnesota, at 39.1 percent.

Buck Showalter likes to talk about trying to win games 90 feet at a time, take an extra base when you can, and keep the other team from doing it. When it comes to the stolen base stat, the Orioles are simply the best in the league right now.

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