Watching the Chris Davis show has been fun this year

Manny Machado is the topic of plenty of Orioles stories and headlines these days, and rightfully so. Some other topics in the news about the club recently include its bullpen struggles and the call-up of Kevin Gausman.

But while all these legit stories have taken up recent headlines, Chris Davis just continues to have a remarkable year. He possibly could be leading or close to leading the American League in the Triple Crown categories right now if not for Miguel Cabrera.

After hitting another homer last night, Davis is now on pace to hit 55 homers and drive in 155 runs.

Let these numbers sink in for a minute: Over 47 games, he is batting .337 with 16 doubles, 16 homers and 45 RBIs. He has an OBP of .426, a slugging percentage of .723 and an OPS of 1.149.

davis fistbump sidebar.jpgDavis set a major league record this year, driving in 16 runs in the season’s first four games, and went on to be named the American League Player of the Month for April. Now, his May numbers are just about as good.

His average and OPS vs. left-handed pitchers of .281 and .907 are impressive but are dwarfed by his numbers of .349 and 1.272 against right-handed pitching.

Hey, Andy MacPhail. That trade you made on July 30, 2011 sending Koji Uehara to Texas for Davis and Tommy Hunter seems to be working out. Thanks.

Once again, is this guy’s name Chris, Crash or Crush?

Have I mentioned that Davis is clearly a high character guy that fits in great in the O’s clubhouse?

Have I mentioned that he’d like to come to your house and personally drive you to Camden Yards for the next home game? OK, I made that one up.

Let me mention just a few more things this morning. Davis is just 27, so he may be coming into his prime years, and the Orioles have him under team control at least through the 2015 season.

Davis is well on his way to making his first All-Star team. If he keeps hitting at or close to this pace for the rest of this season, he may well be on his way to at least being a candidate to be named Most Valuable Player this season.

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