Adam Jones talks about the AL outfield All-Star voting

The last time it happened in the American League was in 2005. That was the most recent time that teammates started in the All-Star game in the AL outfield through the fan-elected vote. Boston’s Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez were voted to start that game.

The Orioles’ Adam Jones and Nick Markakis are bidding to do it this year. When the most recent voting was released last weekend, Jones was still first among AL outfielders, just ahead of Mike Trout, and Markakis was third in the voting.

Jones has been to the All-Star game twice, but Markakis has never made it. Jones is rooting for his teammate to get there for the first time and start alongside him for the American League.

“For him to go, that would be awesome,” Jones said. “Everyone knows Nick. He doesn’t say two words. It would mean a lot to him. His family can experience it and it’s in New York where he grew up. I think it would be special for him and his family and for him personally.

“He’s deserving, but the scary part is that it could come down to the voting. I encourage the O’s fans to vote heavily for Markakis.”

Markakis had a slim lead for third place in the voting with 1,915,860 votes and that is just over 48,000 ahead of Jose Bautista of Toronto, who is in fourth place.

Jones and Markakis would join Frank Robinson (1970-71), Ken Singleton (1981) and Brady Anderson (1997) as the only Orioles outfielders ever elected through the fan vote.

Jones tops the AL outfield list with 3,571,693 votes, which has him ahead of Trout, who is second in the voting.

Jones reacted to topping an impressive list of outfielders.

“That’s crazy. Trout is having a good year, I know I’m having a solid year so far,” Jones said. “That shows a lot of baseball fans are watching and paying attention to what the Orioles are doing. It’s good we are getting more attention. We have a Sunday night game coming up.

“We are starting to get more attention and that is cool that the fans - not just the Orioles fans - but fans all over the country and across the world are voting and that is pretty cool.

“There is some amazing talent on that list and hey, it’s pretty cool to be on top.”

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