Clubhouse quotes after the Orioles beat Yankees

Here is a sampling of some of the quotes from around the O’s clubhouse after their comeback, 4-3 win over the New York Yankees tonight:

Nate McLouth on his homer in the seventh: “It was a breaking ball, elevated, pretty much down the middle. I’m sure he didn’t want to throw it there, but was able to put a good part of the bat on it.”

McLouth on the team win: “(Kevin) Gausman came in and I’m sure he hadn’t come out of the bullpen yet in pro ball and that is not easy. It’s totally different than preparing for a start and he did great. Happy that he got his first win.”

McLouth on whether his homer was reminiscent of his American League Division Series foul ball: “I wasn’t out of batter’s box before I thought about it. Off the bat, I knew it had the distance. It stayed true, it stayed straight and I was happy about that. I literally did think about that the second I hit it.”

Kevin Gausman on getting his first big league win: “It’s funny because, (T.J.) McFarland got his first when I was pitching and I got mine when he started. Pretty funny. Buck (Showalter) knew something to put me out there in a role where, it’s not like you are thinking all day when you are starting. Just go out there and execute.”

Gausman on what was working for him: “Probably my fastball more than anything. I was throwing it with good downward angle and got a lot of swing and misses on it and lot of pop flies. Other than that, probably my split and threw a few good sliders. My slider may have been the biggest difference from other outings.”

Gausman on if there’s a difference when pitching in relief: “You know, not really. I was thinking last night what the best relievers have and they have that bulldog mentality. That is something I tried to do today.”

Adam Jones on his RBI infield hit: “I was running like I stole something, that is what (Danny) Valencia told me. I really squared that ball up. Hey, glad I’m able to run when I put that ball in play. Sometimes my speed helps me out.

“But the biggest part of that inning that made it happen was Machado going to third base. You are tagging on (Brett) Gardner, he has a good arm, but he caught him flat flooted. I told him, ‘If Gardner was ready to throw he could have had you, but since he was flat footed. I think that was the key to the game.”

Manny Machado on tagging up and going to third base in the sixth inning: “In that situation there you don’t really want tag up there but I did think I had a pretty good shot at it and I went for it. It’s a do-or-die play, something that Buck allows us to do is play our game. If you have a shot for it, go for it. I wanted to take the extra base.”

Machado on getting the series opener: “It’s big to win against their No. 1 in the first game of the series, but it’s a new game tomorrow.”

T.J. McFarland on his start: “I’m kind of upset with myself. I didn’t do as well as I wanted to. Only threw 2 2/3 (innings) tonight. Yeah, kind of upsetting. I fell behind some hitters and I wasn’t making pitches when I needed to.

“I am extremely excited and proud that we ended up winning the game. For Gausman to throw 4 1/3 (innings) and for us to come back against Sabathia like that, I’d like to think that it takes away from what happened but for me, (but) it doesn’t. I have to come in tomorrow and work on a few things. But we won the first game of the series tonight and we’re going to come back tomorrow and win another one.”

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