My take: Kevin Gausman should return from the minors ASAP

He has a record of 0-3 and ERA of 7.66 in five major league starts. He has given up seven runs twice in a game already. Maybe this is the exact right time to send Kevin Gausman to the minor leagues.

I don’t think it is.

I understand the move in sending Gausman to Triple-A after Thursday’s game so they could get a fresh arm for the bullpen. I understand that Gausman may have to stay in the minors for 10 days unless they put Miguel Gonzalez on the paternity leave list and can get him back sooner. But I do think Gausman’s stay in the minors should be short.

Maybe Buck Showalter was just being careful with his words before Friday’s game, but he said he told Gausman there were no assurances he would be right back and to go to the minors and “present himself as an option.”

“It’s all in his hands,” Showalter said. “We have other people that we like, too, and that’s good to know.”

Again, maybe Buck was being careful with his words and saying what he needed to say in this situation. But, to me, the kid already presented himself as a good option when he pitched two good games in his last three starts against Detroit and Boston, two winning and good-hitting AL clubs.

That was a big game he pitched Thursday night, the start of a key series. He got the job done against a high-scoring Red Sox team.

Gausman probably had the best fastball-changeup combination working that he’s had in any start in that game. His changeup was outstanding Thursday - Matt Wieters said he could throw it anywhere he wanted - and he used it as a chase pitch when he got ahead in the count.

Remember when Gausman gave up 11 runs in his first two outings, and some reporters wondered if he should be pushed back to face Houston and not stay on turn and pitch versus Detroit? The Orioles made the right move then, and they need to make the right move now and get Gausman back here as soon as possible.

Yes, he’s inexperienced, and yes, his ERA looks unsightly right now. But, he’s also one of the best five starters on this team, and he looks like he’s finally starting to find his way now at the big league level.

So, it’s the big league level where he should be pitching.

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