Reynolds on his return to Baltimore, his new team and more

After two seasons and 290 games playing for the Orioles, tonight Mark Reynolds will play against them.

In his return to Camden Yards for the first time as a Cleveland Indian, Reynolds will bat sixth and start at third base for his new team and this time come running out of the third base dugout.

“This is going to be fun,” Reynolds said to a crowd of Baltimore reporters in the Cleveland dugout. “It’s easy to say it’s just another game, but it’s going to be weird playing against these guys that I have such great relationships with. I’m going to roll with it, have fun and whatever happens, happens.

“It’s good to be back. I miss playing here. I miss the guys, miss the city. But you know, where I am at now is a good situation. Great team, great manager, and we’re winning games. It’s a good new chapter for me.”

Reynolds will always have a good bond with several players here and he was on one O’s team that won just 69 games and another that won 93 and made the playoffs.

“Being from where we’ve been to where we were at the end of last year, the playoffs and resurrecting the fans and the feeling around the city was cool,” Reynolds said. “Wish the best for them, but not this week.”

Reynolds was asked if he is surprised how well Chris Davis is doing in his old spot at first base.

“Not at all,” he said. “You saw last year, he had a great year. He’s maturing, coming into his own. He’s always had the talent, it’s just a matter of him having confidence in himself and putting it it together. He’s done that and I’m glad for him.”

Reynolds got off to a hot start for Cleveland and hit 13 homers in their first 51 games, but now he has hit just one over his last 21 games. He is batting .231 with 14 homers and 44 RBIs on the year. But he is batting just .164 in June with 32 strikeouts in 67 at-bats.

Is he still a little disappointed that the Orioles did not do more to re-sign him?

“Not really, I’ve moved on,” he said. “Like I said, I’m in a great situation now. Great team and great city and I’m focusing on what we are trying to do and winning some games for the Indians.”

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