Should Strop have heard the boo birds? (plus Aberdeen’s preliminary roster)

There is no question that fans have a right to boo. They pay good money to attend the games at Camden Yards and that is a way to show their displeasure with a player’s performance.

That doesn’t mean I have to like it.

As he struggled on the mound and was hearing a chorus of boos when he left it yesterday, I was feeling for Pedro Strop.

He pitched very poorly and his performance directly contributed to a loss. He wasn’t the only reason the Orioles lost. I believe Jason Hammel was disappointed that he couldn’t complete the seventh yesterday and give the bullpen three fewer outs to have to worry about.

The Orioles did go 0-for-7 with runners in scoring position and they did make two errors.

Strop is the obvious goat, however. I do wonder what would have happened had he fielded the comebacker that went off his glove. If they turn two there, maybe everything after would have gone much differently.

So the fans vented. The fans booed. They rushed to twitter to rip Strop to every reporter that covers the club. Social media is not the place to be after a loss like that. It’s a rip-fest and some things that are written cross the line.

But I digress. The booing certainly isn’t going to help Strop. This is not about effort or wanting to succeed or work ethic. He’s got plenty of that. What he is lacking is command and maybe confidence.

The fans - many of you at least - have lost patience with Strop. But has the team? Can they pitch him in less pressurized situations to try and get him right?

Maybe it is valid to second guess the O’s decision to not send Strop to the minors on a rehab assignment when he was on the DL. He didn’t get into one game while he was on the DL and that was when they could send him to the minors. Now they cannot. Was that a missed opportunity to help Strop get his act together?

I will be surprised if the O’s cut ties with Strop now, but it has reached the point that it has to be in the discussion phase.

How much longer can the O’s watch him struggle and if he does again, will the fans boo again?

Some players headed for Aberdeen: The short-season Single-A Aberdeen IronBirds will open a new New York-Penn League season on Monday night at Ripken Stadium. Here are some of the names on their training camp roster, which is preliminary. Expect some changes between now and opening day on Monday.

Luc Rennie
Sebastian Vader
David Richardson
Janser Severino
Jorge Rivera
Williams Louico
Austin Urban
Alexander Santana
Jose Figueroa
Michael Joseph
Harrison Marino

Tanner Murphy
Scott Kalush
Jack Graham

Kris Richards
Hector Veloz

Manny Hernandez
Sam Kimmel
George Barber
Anthony Vega

Pretty sure the IronBirds will have more than two infielders. Again this is a preliminary roster and more names will be added and maybe some subtracted over the next few days.

The IronBirds will host a media day today at Ripken Stadium and I’ll be there for that, so check back later here for more on the 2013 IronBirds.

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