Orioles were strong in the late innings, and postgame interviews last night

After an impressive Orioles win last night reporters had an impressive array of postgame interviews at our disposal.

In one corner of the clubhouse Kevin Gausman was talking about his first win, and pitching in relief. In another corner, Manny Machado was talking about tagging up to get to third base where he could score a key run later on an infield hit. And then there was Nate McLouth talking about hitting a key go-ahead homer.

McLouth provided maybe the quote of the night when asked if his shot to right reminded him of the drive he hit off CC Sabathia in Game 5 of the American League Division Series, which was ruled foul at Yankee Stadium.

“I wasn’t out of batter’s box before I thought about it,” McLouth said. Now that is funny. Well, I guess O’s fans can laugh now, anyway. No foul pole around to scrape (or not) this time.”

Adam Jones was nearby also and he often provides reporters with enough quotes to fill up our notebooks. Last night he was talking about the Orioles pitchers.

“I told T.J. (McFarland) this is one of the lineups that makes you work, especially young guys,” Jones said. “He’s going to learn from that. He’ll make the necessary adjustments and he’s got the stuff and the confidence. (Kevin) Gausman came in and gave us four solid, solid innings. Happy for him. Tommy (Hunter) shut the door at the end.

“Tonight was a team win. We didn’t get anything until the sixth inning. Let’s just try tomorrow to get the hit earlier in the game.”

Jones also passed along some props to the Camden Yards fans and last night’s crowd.

“I think the cool part is that, especially when the Yankees are in town or Boston, this stadium is starting to get more orange,” Jones said. “Two years ago, we’d see a nice sea of dark blue, but now it’s a sea of orange.

“Birdland is starting to come out and show us that they are behind us. As a player, that’s awesome,” he said.

It was also pretty awesome for the O’s to win on a night when it looked like they might get no-hit. Not only did Sabathia not get a no-no, but he didn’t get a win and neither did the Yankees.

Maybe they were not too great early in the game, but in the later innings the O’s put on a real solid performance last night. And that continued on to the postgame interviews as well.

Bowie bound: While the Orioles play an important game against the Yankees tonight, Wei-Yin Chen makes an important start this evening at Bowie, one that he hopes leads him back to the O’s rotation next week. I’ll be at Bowie to cover that outing so check back here later today and tonight for coverage from Prince George’s Stadium.

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