Bud Norris talks about joining the Orioles

Even before he had a chance to meet with Buck Showalter and his new teammates, new O’s pitcher Bud Norris was at the podium a few minutes ago talking about joining the Orioles. Here are some of his comments from his first press conference as an Oriole.

His reaction to the deal:
“Being traded is exciting. My name has been swirling for a while now, so I’ve been prepared for it. I’m excited for the future. I pitched my way into a situation to be traded and to help a team. This team has a great young club. They had an amazing year last year. Just want to be any piece I can to push this team toward the World Series.”

On leaving the Astros:
“It’s hard to say goodbye. There are a lot of guys in that clubhouse I appreciate and love. But heading to a new clubhouse there are guys I’m excited to meet. Crossed paths with some of those guys.”

On what the last few days and weeks have been like:
“There were more buyers than sellers. When they got Scott Feldman, I thought my chances to come here went down. You really can’t speculate too much, it’s out of your hands. I don’t have a no trade clause. I just want to get on the field and as soon as I can and go pitch. They have an exciting young club.”

Have you grown as a pitcher this year:
“A lot. I went into spring and had to battle to get the opening day nod and I did. With a young team, I communicated as much as I could to other players to try and help them. Now I am excited to learn from guys on this team. You are always learning.”

On pitching with the O’s defense behind him:
“I am going to pound the strike zone. You have to pick and choose your spots. But these guys have a great defense. I saw it last night on the TV with their fielding percentage. They had a stat on the scoreboard last night about Machado and Hardy covering the left side for the last two years or whatever. These guys can play. I’ll pound the zone, get some outs and put up some zeroes.”

You’ve know of this trade deadline for months, was there anxiousness?:
Well, seeing Feldman moved and Peavy and Garza, pieces were coming off the board. But I’ve shown I cam compete. I’m just blessed this happened. A great scenario for me and my family and I’m excited to bring everything I can to the city of Baltimore and the Orioles.”

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