Davis on his struggles and Ortiz, Feldman on his outing

After beating Boston last night and losing 7-3 tonight, Chris Davis was asked if that was a step back for the Orioles.

“I don’t think we took a step back, we just got beat,” he said. “We can’t put up six or seven runs every night. Stephen Drew had an outstanding night. I don’t think we took a step back by any means.”

Davis went 1-for-3 tonight with a walk and two strikeouts. He has struck out eight times over the last three games and began tonight hitting just .208 this month.

“You go through slumps during the season,” he said. “I was very fortunate to have very few in the first half. I think it’s a little bit of overswinging. Deeper into the season and guys are starting to feel the effects of the games we’ve played.

“Mentally, when you are a little fatigued and you are trying to hit 94, 95 you tend to try and gear up a little bit. I’ll keep grinding out at-bats and it will turn around.”

Davis was asked about David Ortiz’s tirade and ejection in the seventh inning.

“He was obviously upset. Tough call, but you can’t argue balls and strikes,” Davis said. “He was obviously frustrated when you go 3-0 and end up striking out. It’s a terrible feeling, especially when you don’t think the pitch is a strike. We get mad and we’re human. You get frustrated. Hot night, you’ve had a tough night, sometimes you have to take it out on something. Good thing it was a phone and not a teammate.”

Across the clubhouse, Scott Feldman talked about his night - the three-run homer he gave up to Drew and allowing four runs over five innings.

“Really just came down to that fourth inning,” Feldman said. “Gave up a couple of two-out knocks and then made a bad pitch to Drew and he hit it over the fence. Not how I want things to go, but he’s a good hitter and that was a bad pitch right there.

“It’s been better (his stuff tonight). It wasn’t like it was horrible, I just wasn’t locating like I’d like to. You make mistakes to these guys and they’ll make you pay and that is pretty much what happened tonight.

“I was working ahead in the count more the last couple of games. When you are behind in the count you don’t get to control the at-bats as well as when you are ahead in the count.”

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