Hearing from the four Orioles All-Stars

Earlier today the Orioles’ four All-Stars held a press conference to talk about being elected to play in the game next Tuesday in New York. Here are some of the comments from Adam Jones, J.J. Hardy, Chris Davis and Manny Machado.

Jones on the O’s getting four players on the AL team:
“It’s kind of surreal we have three starters. We have a great group of guys that are deserving. We have four guys and they have earned it.”

Jones on Machado:
“He knows he’s still the rookie on the team. But he has earned the respect of the clubhouse and that is not easy to do, especially as a young guy. Everybody trusts him and he’s already one of the big dogs in that clubhouse.”

Davis on making the team for the first time:
“It is always fun to do things you’ve never done before and to do it with guys you battle with on a daily basis, you appreciate it that much more. Thought for a while we might have nine starters in the game, the way the fans were voting and we appreciate that.”

Davis on the big year he is having at the plate:
“There is a part of me that always felt like there was this potential. Along the way, learning about myself and about this league, something clicked. It’s been fun to be on a winning team with guys that are not only great players, but good people. Everyone around the country is starting to realize we’ve got a good thing going on here.”

Davis was asked if he will be in the home run derby:
“I still haven’t heard when it’s going to be announced. If I’m given the opportunity I’m absolutely going to do it. So much attention is paid to the Home Run Derby and there is so much hype around it. I’ve always looked at it as something I’d like to do.”

Update: Davis did get selected tonight to take part in the home run derby.

Machado on making the team:
“Very humbling. Been a crazy year with these guys, making the playoffs, sharing this great season we are having as a team. Now, to be an All Star with them. We’re all excited to go out there and have fun.”

Machado on his approach to the game:
“Just treat this game with respect. Go out there and do what you can control and play the game the right way. I just go out there and have fun and I’ve learned that being part of this team with Adam, CD, JJ, (Nick) Markakis, Buck. They’ve showed me how to play the right way.”

Hardy on what the first time All-Stars should expect:
“Lot of autographs. No, it’s fun. Go out there, enjoy yourself and take it all in. Try and represent the Orioles and the American League the best way you can.”

Hardy on his offense inmproved over 2012:
“I feel like my career so far has been kind of a roller coaster ride, with some ups and downs. Think we all do that. But anytime you can come back up after being down, it makes it a little more special for me.”

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