The search for the clutch hit continues: O’s batting just .128 with RISP last seven games

Buck Showalter is not one to dwell on negative stats, but he certainly is aware of trends and stats that involve his team.

Like the Orioles’ recent performance batting with runners in scoring position. The Orioles went 0-for-7 with RISP in the first three innings last night and 1-for-12 in the game.

There are many games when the team doesn’t get seven such at-bats, but they came in bunches early in Monday’s game.

Last night’s game continues a trend where the O’s have gone 6-for-47 (.128) with RISP since the start of their road trip last Tuesday in Chicago.

Showalter said he won’t assume the club’s struggles will turn around in that regard just because you would think they’ll eventually start getting those clutch hits again.

“I want it to stop now, yesterday,” he said. “It is something that we have been and will be better at. You don’t want to come across as Captain Obvious, but we know it.

“Whether someone brings it up about the sixth inning (issues) or whether it is that stat. I get the same stuff. I don’t dwell on it, but I do want to figure out how we keep that from happening.”

Over the last seven games, the Orioles have scored 21 runs with a team batting average of .216.

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