They’re still talking about Machado’s latest great play today at the Yard

Plenty of people are still talking today about the play that Orioles third baseman Manny Machado made in the sixth inning Sunday at Yankee Stadium.

Whether the play reminded you of one Brooks Robinson made in the 1970 World Series, or you just liked it on its own merits, it was among the best we’ve seen from Machado during a year where he seems to lead the universe in web gems.

Machado actually didn’t cleanly glove the the grounder off the bat of Luis Cruz and his momentum was heading into foul territory, toward the dugout, when he made a perfect off-balance throw to record a sensational out.

Machado’s teammates still marveled at that play.

“You expect to see him do something every night. I’m just a spectator from 150 feet away,” Adam Jones said. “He’s a vacuum over there. The amazing part is the accuracy. There are a bunch of people that can catch the ball, but the (throwing) accuracy. He’s on the money. That’s the crazy part because you are rushing balls. When I was a shortstop and had to rush a throw, some lady in the front row better watch out.”

“It doesn’t surprise us anymore,” shortstop J.J. Hardy said. “Not that we expect it, but we are starting to get used to it. There are plays that you guys see that are unbelievable and there are the plays that look routine and are not. They’re tough. He’s been pretty special.”

Chris Davis has been on the receiving end of some of those throws at first base.

“As a first baseman you are thinking, ‘Okay, he’s off balance, almost in our dugout, be ready for a ball in the dirt and then he hits me in the chest.’ Just takes all the fun out of it,” Davis said, cracking up a roomful of reporters.

“The accuracy is amazing to me. I’ve seen a lot of guys in this game that have a good arm, but not too many have that strong of an arm with accuracy. It’s made my job a lot easier.”

As usual, Machado said just a few words when talking about his latest great play.

“It’s up there. I don’t have a favorite, no. They’re all my favorite,” he said simply.

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